Common Threads Trilogy

by Dr. Shellie Hipsky



We all stumble. Some fall. Yet, the greats rise up after adversity and inspire the world to do the same as well. Join Dr. Shellie Hipsky as she looks at awe-inspiring women from the 100 top interviews that she recorded for Empowering Women Radio.

Meet the Global Sisterhood and learn what keep them going through the challenges. This book includes the powerful stories of thriving by women who now have fabulous lives who conquered: domestic violence, extreme poverty, addictions, divorce, death of loved ones, and even a war camp and a kidnapping survivor. Some have inspirational stories of living their dreams on stage and screen or starting non-profits that are changing the world. All are ladies we can learn from and find inspiration.

Realize that we are never truly stuck. Others have hit rock bottom and climbed to the top. Enjoy and live your best life!


  • Aissata & Mariama Camara
  • Jaspen Boothe
  • Suzanne Hobbs
  • Jyoti Soni
  • Sheri Fink
  • Anne Agoren
  • Lori Juette Yokiel
  • Harriet Cammock
  • Maria Wall
  • Thembi Buthelezi
  • Mary K. Hoodhood
  • Nannette Nocon
  • Francoise Owarish-Gross
  • Dianne Lemon
  • Sabriena Williams
  • Dawn Surgest
  • Mary Amons
  • Ginger Pillar
  • Brianna Brown
  • Inza Duchi
  • Wendy Lydon
  • Lisa Lakenan
  • Kate Gardner
  • April Lewis
  • Jo Dibblee
  • Sally Power
  • Lisa Fetzko Kozich
  • Lisa Howard
  • Darieth Chisolm
  • Jenn Lederer
  • Alicia Kozakiewicz
  • Dawn Diaz
  • Tamara Fielding


Are you harnessing the power of collaboration with other women and the Law of Attraction to be your best, most empowered self? Dr. Shellie Hipsky captured the thoughts and life stories from the top 100 women on Empowering Women Radio in the Common Threads trilogy. Strategies for success can be found within these interviews with women from around the world who are manifesting lives they designed, often after experiencing hardship. Dr. Shellie Hipsky exemplifies the art of empowerment with points-of-view that span the globe from the United States to Africa and Asia. Empowerment is yours for the taking… go for it!


Common Threads: Empowerment

  • Iris Dankner
  • Nan Cohen
  • Heather Watkins
  • Nicole Mildren
  • Natalie Cerino Kovacic
  • Stephanie Barnhart
  • Lucinda Cross
  • Christine Marie Scott
  • Angel Tyree
  • Tarra Flores Sloan
  • Caryn Chow
  • Melanie LaPatin
  • Eva Sztupka-Kerschbaumer
  • Uraidah Hassani
  • Dr. Jeanine Blackburn
  • Haseena Patel
  • Stephanie Nickolich
  • Debbie Silverman
  • Cynthia Bazin
  • Debra Dion Krischke
  • Maggie Delany
  • Carol Evans
  • Dr. April Torrence
  • Dr. Mary Ann Rafoth
  • Hena Gul
  • Kemilembe Kanani
  • Pina De Rosa
  • Phyl Macomber


We have all been there. Peeking into another woman’s world through social media or seeing her at a public event… from head-to-toe we can see she is fabulous. Her kids seem perfect. She can keep up in the boardroom, maintain a loving relationship, and cook up a storm in the kitchen, all with a smile.

We may sigh to ourselves thinking “Balance is bullsh*t!” as Stephanie Nikolich the CEO of the Success Society proclaimed on Empowering Women Radio. Or we can take a deep breath and find out what other women around the world are doing to find their own versions of balance.

Join Dr. Shellie Hipsky and the top 100 ladies of the Global Sisterhood of Empowering Women as they discuss how we can find a little more balance and peace in our everyday lives.


Common Threads: Balance

  • Dr. Hetal Gor
  • Cheryl Liew-Chng
  • Lisa Haisha
  • Tiffany Huff
  • Rea Wilke
  • Karen Finocchio
  • Aime Hutton
  • Marta Napoleone Mazzoni
  • Olga Maria, Natalie Bencivenga
  • Jessica Peterson
  • Susan Dunhoff
  • Jess Branas
  • Valerie Lerch
  • Dr. Judy Staveley
  • Rachel Martin
  • Pat Armitstead
  • Demeatria Boccella
  • Kelly Hadous
  • Beth Caldwell
  • Erin Bagwell
  • Beth Steinberg
  • Jacqueline Capatolla
  • Debi Weiss
  • NaTasha McNeil
  • Nikole Li Aston
  • Miyoshi Anderson
  • Rose Morris
  • Jacquelyn Aluotto
  • Dr. Roli Chauhan
  • Kelly Wallace Ventrice
  • Dr. Patsy Torres Lucero
  • Mani Kamboj
  • Jen Forsyth
  • Alice Beckett-Rumberger
  • Tania Grubbs, Kimberly Wilson
  • Crystal Hayward, Dorit Brauer


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