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Something almost magical happened as the words of these women went viral at Others started taking notice. One such lady from Pakistan wears a veil and lives in a male dominated society. In a land where many women are denied education she has a master’s degree. Many are not allowed to be employed and she works as a women’s rights activist through SAWERA. Although she lives in a part of rural Pakistan where women are barred from making their own decisions, she decided to reach out to the United States-based Empowering Women Radio. Hena Gul listened to Dr. Shellie’s interview with “Empowered Girl—Empowered World” conference leader Haseena Patel in South Africa. It is through Haseena that Dr. Shellie Skypes in to schools to work with Power Circles of teenage girls in South Africa. Hena reached out to Empowering Women Radio and she was introduced to ladies with similar missions. After she bonded with Dr. Shellie and connections were formed with incredible women around the world, Hena created the phrase a “Global Sisterhood” for what we are experiencing through Empowering Women.

Common Threads Trilogy

Back when she was a tenured professor, Dr. Shellie Hipsky had a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $13K to create a book called Common Threads. The “book” turned in to a 3 book trilogy that examined the commonalities and success secrets found with the top 100 women interviewed internationally. The three books Common Threads: Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance all hit the International Best Sellers list and a movement was born. You can get your copies which are published through Inspiring Lives International here:


Inspiring Lives Magazine is the official magazine for the Global Sisterhood 501(c)(3) as it spotlights the triumphs of our Charity Partnerships, #PopUpGiving, and the fantastic ladies of the sisterhood! It is considered to be the magazine for empowering women. We are now 100% FREE and online. Make sure that you get on our email list to receive your digital issue right in your inbox!

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Humanitarian and philanthropy work:

Gloria Steinem, Feminist Icon & Winner of the 2018 Empowering Women in Philanthropy Lifetime Achievement Award
Rev. Nettie Jorinda Bullitt the Global Ambassador of the Global Sisterhood

For years, The Global Sisterhood has taken need requests from local, national, and international women through our Charity Partnerships and we find ways to support each other. When a need request comes in, and after it is properly vetted through our Executive Board of Directors, if we determine that it’s a problem that needs our help that we can take on, we become like family for The Global Sisterhood. We pull our resources of time, money and, talent and we fundraise through events such as the Empowering Women in Philanthropy Awards. Over a thousand women strong, we make a way to support the needs of our “family” near and far.

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