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I Am Dr. SHellie Hipsky

My team and I are beyond thrilled to tell you about my new EmpowerU Master Class that will help you to find Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance. This course is based on the research behind my International Best-Selling Trilogy Common Threads and my teaching style that earned me tenure and the title of “Super Professor” from a decade of doctoral level university teaching.

Module 1: Let’s Get this Party Started
Module 2: Inspiration
Module 3: Empowerment
Module 4: Balance
Module 5: Branding You
Module 6: You Are The Author of Your Story
Module 7: Plan For the Next Level

you'll also receive:

This will include proven resources and tools that you will be able to use right away to envision your future and save you time and money searching for or creating them from scratch. Don’t reinvent the wheel…reinvent yourself.

Your questions will be answered live in a group setting. If you want a friend to lead the way in your personal and business growth, that is what we are here for!

Your questions will be answered live in a group setting. If you want a friend to lead the way in your personal and business growth, that is what we are here for!

Of course, you feel tragically busy at times…you do so much, for so many. We provide a 1-on-1 Skype or phone call to get you settled into your course while we guide you through the process.  Would you like face time with Dr. Shellie? You can upgrade your package and have a sit down face to face meeting with Dr. Shellie that will be a priceless experience!

During the 1-on-1 Skype or phone call, you can determine how far you came through the course you can talk through further growth that you want to occur and celebrate your successes!


– Identify your version of success

– Set life & business goals
– Create your personal brand & signature story
– Pinpoint a strategy for achieving your next-level goals
– Gain the inspiration, empowerment, & life balance to achieve all your dreams!


Fill out your Action Plan Activator pdf and Empowerment Journal with your new Inspiring Lives Magazine pen and embark on the route to your fabulous future. Only you know what you truly desire out of life professionally and personally. Seeing it all in black and white is the first step toward achieving your goals. Dr. Shellie will challenge you to examine what you really want to manifest in your life as we EmpowerU!


Dr. Shellie has conducted over 1K interviews over the last decade on TV, radio, podcasts, in her 13 books, and on stages around the world. Learn from selected experts’ advice in the courses.


Your support system will gather in our private Facebook page to share everything from our vision boards to personal experiences in the topics we are exploring. Often life-long connections form in this platform.


Weekly LIVE broadcasts in the Facebook group will focus on the needs of the class and help  you understand and apply what you are learning in the class to achieve your personal goals for SUCCESS.


Sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book (or three)…
Read the powerful international bestselling book series, Common Threads: Inspiration, Empowerment, & Balance. When you are watching the videos in the online EmpowerU Master Class, you will feel like you already know the 100 ladies and their remarkable stories of conquering obstacles and moving on to success!

Don't take our word for it, listen to what our alumni have to say about empower u!

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